Cobalt Aquatics Shrimp Pellet


Blue flake (triple vitamin boost, natural immunostimulant beta-glucan and Chitosan)
Enhanced with probiotics (bacillus sp) to improve digestion and intestinal wellbeing
Less waste (cleaner aquarium)
Ingredients sourced from US and Canada
Made in the USA

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Cobalt Shrimp Pellets are an economical supplemental sinking food, a perfect compliment to a complete diet of other Cobalt fish foods. These sinking pellets are ideal for medium and large tropical fish and bottom feeders such as larger cichlids, Oscars, paces, loaches and catfish. In addition, each formula also includes the signature Cobalt BLUE flake that is super-packed with immunostimulants and a triple-vitamin boost which help the fish fight off disease and helps keep it in top shape and color. In addition, Cobalt flakes are packed with Probiotics in the form of Bacillus sp. bacteria that support a healthy digestive system. The scientific advancements of probiotics and vitamins, coupled together with a solid nutritional base, makes Cobalt flake foods the most advanced nutrition available! Will not cloud water. Less waste for a cleaner aqu8arium!.

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