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Copadichromis azureus


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The Copadichromis azureus or Azureus Cichlid is a stunning looking Haplochromis from Lake Malawi, which is native to the waters around Mbenji Island, Nkhomo Reef, Chimwalani Reef, and Maleri Islands. Males of this species develop a dark blue color which covers their face, body and most of their fins. They also feature a very light yellow to white stripe which runs along the top of their dorsal fin. The dark metallic blue color makes them a truly stunning fish and one of my favorite Haps. Males can get to be about 7″ in length and females will grow to about 5″.

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1-1.5'' Fry Unsexed, 1.5-2'' juvenile Unsexed, 1.25-1.75" Male, 2.5-3'' Male, 2.5-3'' Female, 2.5-3'' Breeding Pair


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