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Electric yellow/Yellow Lab (Labidochromis caeruleus)


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Electric yellows are peaceful compared to most other African cichlids. Despite this, like all cichlids from Lake Malawi, they are best kept in specialist cichlid aquariums with other Mbuna. As with most cichlids, electric yellows should not be kept with freshwater community aquarium species such as Zebra Danios or Neon Tetras, they may nip the finnage of other peaceful species, and are not recommended for freshwater community aquariums because of the differences in the natural habitats between African Lake cichlids and other fish species. This fish is more suited to an African lake cichlid community consisting of other Malawi species. In an aquarium setting, their natural habitat of rocks and caves should be emulated with a sandy substrate. Their diet should consist mostly of prepared cichlid pellets or flakes, supplemented with foods like krill, bloodworms, brineshrimp, and Spirulina flakes. Refrain from feeding these cichlids feeder goldfish, as they are likely carrying diseases that will cause harm to your cichlids.

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1"-1.5" Fry Unsexed, 1.5"-2" juvenile Unsexed, 1.25-1.75" Male, 2.5"-3" Male, 2.5"-3" Female, 2.5"-3" Breeding Pair, 4"-4.5" Breeding Pair, 6 Fish From 3/4″- 1″, 10 Fish From 3/4″- 1″, 6 Fish From 1″- 1.5″, 10 Fish From 1″- 1.5″, 6 Fish From 1.5″- 2″, 10 Fish From 1.5″- 2″


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