Kordon AmQuel Ammonia Remover Aquarium Water Conditioner 16 oz


One-step liquid formula detoxifies ammonia and removes chlorine and chloramine.
Effectively removes ammonia without the need to use zeolites or additional ammonia-removing bacteria.
Fast-acting formula starts to work within five minutes for quicker and simpler aquarium maintenance.
Also removes harmful fish pheromones which can be toxic if allowed to accumulate in your tank.
Made in the USA and works in freshwater and saltwater aquariums; safe for all fish and marine invertebrates.

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Keep your aquarium water healthy with the Kordon AmQuel Ammonia Remover Aquarium Water Conditioner. In one step, the liquid formula doesn’t just break down ammonia, but effectively removes it, along with chlorine and chloramines, without having to use zeolites, additional solutions or bacteria. Plus, it also removes fish pheromones that can build up and become toxic to your tank. It’s great for freshwater or saltwater setups and it’s safe for all fish and aquatic invertebrates. Best of all, the fast-acting formula starts working within just five minutes of adding it to your aquarium.

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