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Longfin Green Dragon Ancistrus (Ancistrus Sp.)

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Easily one of the most extravagant and bizarre of the long fin plecos, this line is being selectively bred for extensive finnage and the best green color possible. They are perfectly peaceful in a community aquarium, and will continue to eat algea throughout their lives.

They are not especially difficult to breed, and larger pairs will produce up to 200 eggs per spawn, young pairs may only produce 40-50 eggs at first. Young are raised with a combination protein/ vegetable diet, with multiple water changes daily in grow out tubs until they are large enough to be put into a tank of their own.

As with most of the sucker mouthed catfishes, for them to thrive, and certainly to breed, regular feeding of Blanched Zucchini or canned green beans (just rinse and throw them directly into the aquarium) is essential. One concern is that their finnage can become very exaggerated, and tankmates prone to fin nipping may need to be kept in a separate aquarium.


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