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Mdoka White Lips (Placidochromis phenochilus)


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This stunning Malawi cichlid is best known for appearance, as adult males will develop pronounced white lips. Females do not develop this trait, but instead develop vertical bars and slowly develop their blue coloring as they mature. The males tend to max out at about a size of 10″ with the females being slightly smaller in size.

Unlike their cousin, the Placidochromis Phenochilus “Star Sapphire”, this version of the Placidochromis will NOT develop the white speckles on their bodies.

These fish are native to the alkaline waters of Lake Malawi in Africa, so water conditions in your home aquarium should try and match the conditions found in their natural habitat. The water temperature parameters should be kept between 78 – 82 degress with a pH between 7.8 – 8.6.

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1-1.5" Fry Unsexed, 1.5-2" juvenile Unsexed, 1.5-2" Male, 2.5-3" Male, 4.5-5" Male, 2.5-3" Female, Colony of 5 1M & 5F 2"-2.5", 2.5-3" Breeding Pair, 3.5-4" Breeding Pair, Colony of 5 1M & 5F 2.3/4"-3.5", 6 Fish 3/4"-1", 10 Fish 3/4"-1", 6 Fish 1"-1.5", 10 Fish 1"-1.5"


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