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Red Empress (Protomelas taeniolatus)


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Protomelas taeniolatus is commonly called the “Red Empress.” There are a few variants of this species, Protomelas taeniolatus maleincluding a blue morph from Makanjila Point called “Blue Fire.” Of the Red Empress variety, there are two classes. One morph has been “line-bred” in Europe for substantially more red color and consequently has been dubbed the “Super Red Empress.” The other Red Empress morph is the American strain and has more blue color than the Super Red Empress. Adult P. taeniolatus generally attain sizes of 13-15 cm (5-6 inches), although in captivity they can certainly get much larger than this (see photo above).

Due to the size of this Hap, it is not recommended that you keep it in anything smaller than 75 gallons, with 100+ gallons being the preferred minimum. This Hap needs lots of room to swim about. Due to its strong temperment, it is not a good idea to keep more than one male in the same tank unless your tank is over 200 gallons. This species is a polygamous mouthbrooder and each male should be accompanied by at least three females. Females should be given lots of potential hiding places to avoid being abused.

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1-1.5" Fry Unsexed, 1.5-2" juvenile Unsexed, 1.5-2" Male, 2.5-3" Male, 4.5-5" Male, 2.5-3" Female, Colony of 6 1M & 5F 2"-2.5", 2.5-3" Breeding Pair, 3.5-4" Breeding Pair, Colony of 6 1M & 5F 2.3/4"-3.5", 6 Fish 3/4"-1", 10 Fish 3/4"-1", 6 Fish 1"-1.5", 10 Fish 1"-1.5"


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